Fairy Tales

Winter can be a wonderland if your imagination allows it. I find winter to be a self-reflecting time that craves a reconnection to our fairy roots. Seven years ago, I realized what I was missing in my spiritual diet was imaginary friends. I knew if I could just let go of my ego then I could cross over the threshold between the seen and unseen realm and interact with the fairies for real.

To prepare for such a journey I reacquainted myself with childhood fairytales. I reread Alice and Wonderland, Peter Pan and found myself wanting to go to Neverland too. Then the impossible became a possibility when I took Brian Froud’s teachings to heart and literally jumped into the land of fairies.

Froud had a special etiquette when meeting the fairies and describes them in detail in his book, “The Runes of Elfland”. Froud explains that there are doorways into the fairy world hidden in plain sight and if we crossed them with intention we would be in the fairy realm.

I decided to put my findings to the test and cross the threshold of my imagination. I planned a fairy meeting in the woods on Valentine’s Day. Since it was the middle of winter I dressed for the occasion in snow pants, a heavy winter coat, boot, gloves, and a hat.

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