Soulful Messages

Every soul knows the answer and Reverend Shelli reveals its wisdom.

“Soulful Messages”, are a higher perspective from your own soul. Every soul is guided by divine wisdom, whether consciously aware of it or not. Reverend Shelli leads a person into a meditative state and listens to your heart.

“Soulful Messages” are a validation that you’re exactly where you’re supposed to be right now. Reverend Shelli opens the Akashic Records and discovers the soul’s purpose. Every soul’s thought, deed, and action are written and this source of knowing confirms your existence.

About Me


I currently live in Minnesota where I was born and raised. I met my husband in high school but fell in love eight years later and have been together for the past twenty-five years. We have four wonderful sons, a beautiful daughter-in-law and an awesome grandson.

I have lived the majority of my life on a spiritual mission. At the age of five, I was visited by an Angel and given a message, “Everyone has a Guardian Angel”. Then at the age of thirty, the Angel Gabriel told me I was a prophet to the stars and sent me to Las Vegas to learn my craft.

Becoming a psychic was only a part of becoming a good prophet, I had to trust in my answers and that came from a strong personal faith in God. A decade ago I became an interfaith Reverend to understand God in all religions and found the Goddess as well.

It was the discovery of the Mother God that made me into an everyday prophet. I treated every soul that crossed my path as a part of my spiritual journey. I spoke divine words to check-out clerks, people waiting in line, crying babies and even our dogs were recipients. Everyone became the children of Mother Earth and I still believe that all of us share in that one simple love.

I have over twenty-two years’ experience in the art of faith healing, intuitive bodywork, and craniosacral therapy.  I prefer to read a person’s Akashic Records to hear from the heart of the matter and find that one missing piece that opens a soul up to a new level of being.  I am available for consultations in person, skype or telephone.

How to Contact Me